Marco Andrea Ferronato - Bilhauer und Zeichner

A current artist

Marco Ferronato was born into an artistic family as son of Cesare and Jacqueline Ferronato in 1966. His first work dates back to the year 1975. In 1988 he finished his education as a sculptor and has been progressively working up to today.

He is known as a very sensitive coach who understands how to challenge artists and to motivate them to achieve their highest aims. Far over a hundred students have attended his courses. Among others he introduced performance artist Bernie Schürch of ‘Mummenschanz’ to stone sculpture. But he also works with personalities from outside the arts scene and mentally coached the current Boccia world-champion Davide Bianchi.

He is not only open for big names and celebrities. He supports people with great commitment wherever he can. In his project ‘Trauerstein’ (mourning stone) he gives bereaved family members the possibility to realise a personal memento and grave memorial for their beloved decedents under his professional guidance.

Up to today he has been working closely together with his father Cesare Ferronato. Therefore he experienced the old school sculpture from the scratch. Like his father he is a modest artist who pursues his aims persistent and with heart. He founded his own company during his education and after several stages found an old factory in Uster. Apart from his art and commercial activities he there established the collective artist’s workshop GASB.

His work was shown in exhibitions like the ART International in the Zürcher Kongresshaus. Public works you will find at the primary school in Effretikon ZH, in Châtel-St-Denis in front of the company KGS Diamonds or in the Strandbad Rüschlikon.