Marco Andrea Ferronato im Atelier
Marco Andrea Ferronato - Geflecht im Park des Spitals Zollikerberg
Marco Andrea Ferronato - Platte
Marco Andrea Ferronato - Familie
Marco Andrea Ferronato - Kugel
Marco Andrea Ferronato - Geflecht, Lasa Marmor, 2013
Marco Andrea Ferronato's Atelier
Marco Andrea Ferronato - Lichtbogen

Marco Andrea Ferronato - Sculptor and artist

Marco Ferronato was born in Zurich in 1966 and has been demonstrating his creativity since his childhood. He created his first work in 1975; a small competitor modeled in wax and cast in bronze. He completed his apprenticeship as a stone sculptor in 1988 and has been an independent artist ever since.

Working mainly in stone and bronze, but sometimes wood, steel, or ceramic, he founded and operated the GASB community studio in Uster (ZH) in 1997.

In addition to his work as a freelance artist, he also runs art/sculpting courses and accepts commissions as well.

Being a sculptor, the creation of gravestones is also something that holds a special interest for him as the stones are such a personal and intimate expression of emotion. His Trauerstein Project (literally, "grief stone") offers survivors and mourners the opportunity to create a gravestone themselves and he guides them through every step, from idea to creation to installation.

He also offers company events for team building, or just for fun, creating lasting, tangible experiences with the employees.

He has been working in his studio near Zurich since 2007.

Works of marble, stone and iron, steel and bronze

Marco Andrea Ferronato builds on the sculptural tradition and is intensively concerned with current topics.